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7 Takeaways from the Pandemic

Viruses are to humans what meteors were to dinosaurs. A show stopper. Inspite of its wrong timing ( this year was too busy), misdirected landfall ( shouldn’t it have happened in sub-Saharan Africa only) and its incorrect generation targeting ( didn’t black death and Spanish flu happen before modern medicine insured us) here we are, […]

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Prof. Arif Ul Islam Ex chairman statstics dept. aligarh muslim university ============= #RealIslamMovement FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO HATE ISLAM!!! To claim, as the Ulema do, that Islam spread because of Akhlaq, Noorani faces, Taqwa and Prayers is not only far from truth but also destroys message of Quran. If any of these would have […]

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Assam : African swine fever is increasing day by day, till now there are 15600 cases

African swine fever is increasing day by day, till today there have been 15600 cases. We have decided on certain relaxations in selling & consumption of pork products in the state, this will provide much relief to pig rearers: Atul Bora, Assam Animal Husbandry Minister 23 new positive cases of #COVID19 reported in Assam. Total […]

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Trump pulling all American troops out of Afghanistan before the presidential election

President Trump has repeatedly voiced a desire to leave Afghanistan sooner than the timeline laid out in the Feb. 29 peace agreement. He may want to campaign on bringing home every soldier. WASHINGTON : — Senior military officials are set to brief President Trump in the coming days on options for pulling all American troops […]


Model Demi Rose biography & hot pics

Model Demi Rose is surely an internet sensation courtesy her alluring photoshoots on Instagram. She grabbed all attention after the model was romantically linked to Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex. She is an inspiration for many budding models. Talking about her fitness, Demi once said, “I try to keep as healthy as I can. With travelling, […]

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#COVID19 latest India Report!

23 more people found #COVID19 positive in Tripura today. Among them 18 people have come from Maharashtra by train & 5 others were in contact of positive patients. Positive cases 232, active cases 65, discharged 165, & migrated 2: Biplab Kumar Deb, Chief Minister of Tripura 23 new positive cases of #COVID19 reported in Assam. […]

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Die to the Past

Die to the Past – Osho You said that to live moment to moment one must throw away one’s dead past and memories. Does it mean that all the memories have to be dissolved and destroyed to transcend the mind? But one needs a strong mind and an intense and sufficient accumulation of memories to […]

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What is love?

What is love? It is unfortunate that something that humans should have been living, something, which is actually meant to be lived, has only been talked about by them for the past 5000-6000 years. Love is being talked about and discussed, songs of love are being sung, devotional hymns of love are being sung, but […]

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#BIG NEWS : A suspected pigeon, trained in Pakistan for spying, captured!

Press Trust of India @PTI_News A pigeon, suspected to be trained in Pakistan for spying, captured along the International Border (IB) in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir: officials. Mehr Tarar @MehrTarar As the handlers of pigeons – the reinforced spying machines – in the Majnu Pigeon Training and Control Centre in the city of […]

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Troops clashed in Eastern sector : Indian patrol party of army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police were detained by the Chinese troops

WPCION Pakistan & International @WPCION India has technically been invaded by #China. This is the Indian ITBP base at Finger 4, north bank of the Pangong Tso Lake, #Ladakh, #India China has occupied this base, built bunkers & even planted Chinese flag. This is undisputed Indian territory. This is happening right now. Navroop Singh @NavroopSingh_ […]