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#BreakingNews : #Taliban completely conquered #Ghazni province

Tariq Ghazniwal @TGhazniwal #BreakingNews : The #Abband district center & all Regime facilities in #Ghazni province were completely conquered. the entire district came under #Taliban control.   Tarik Niazi @_9468pa_ @Zabehulah_M33 Translation:In Shalgar Chardiwal area of #Ghazni province today a fake center of district, 1 big base & 2 check posts fell into hands of […]

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Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper JUST IN 🚨 US has also seized the website of Sabreen News, the outlet that usually breaks Iraq-related news     Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper LIST OF WEBSITES SEIZED BY US Almaalomah kataibhezbolla kafmedia Alfarat News Al Naeem TV Asiasat TV Karbala TV Afaq TV Al Masaraloula TV Assirat TV Al Eshraq TV […]

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the Bosten Lake in northwest #China’s Xinjiang #Uygur Autonomous Region

CGTN ============ Monday marks the Summer Solstice and also the beginning of Chinese solar term Xiazhi. Decorated by vivid green reed marshes, the Bosten Lake in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region changes into its summer costume, displaying stunning natural scenery. Bosten Lake is located in Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang, and is surrounded […]

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Palestinian resistance says any new bombings on #Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces will subject to a real response : video

A source of the resistance in Gaza told QNN that any further Israeli strikes on the besieged Gaza strip will be met by a real response. In an exclusive statement, a source in the resistance, who preferred not to reveal his name, said that any further Israeli strikes on Gaza will be met by a […]

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‘Islamic System’ Only Way to Afghan Peace Says Taliban

You may recall, if you’re old enough, all the mainstream analysts after 9/11 assuring the world that the Taliban had nothing, nothing whatsoever, to do with Islam. The Taliban never listened. “‘Islamic System’ Only Way to Afghan Peace, Women’s Rights, Says Taliban,” AFP, June 20, 2021: The Taliban said Sunday they remain committed to peace […]

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Breaking : Scotland’s new hate crime bill doesn’t apply to Muslims

By – Joshua Winston As a result of having had an incompetent Pakistani Muslim, Humza Yousaf, as Justice Minister, Scotland now has legislation in place that allows us to be arrested for dinner conversations we might have in our own homes, if anyone feels there is “hate” involved. This is all done under the guise […]

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New Leaders, Same Violence : crimes of #US sponserd terrorist #Israil : report

    Israel Bombs Gaza for the Second Time in Three Days AJ+ @ajplus Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Friday, wounding Palestinians with stun grenades and rubber bullets, including journalists and a child. Palestinians were protesting racist chants by Israeli settlers at a march in occupied East Jerusalem this week. Days after […]

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Pakistan will “absolutely not” allow the CIA to use bases on its soil

Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper NEW 🚨 Pakistan will “absolutely not” allow the CIA to use bases on its soil for cross-border counterterrorism missions after U.S. forces withdraw from Afghanistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan said in an interview (Axios) M.Hussain @Hussain_Sharem Pakistan will “Absolutely Not” allow the USA to use its soil for conducting cross-border missions in […]

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Taliban : We will not allow foreign presence in Afghanistan, including Turkey @Zabehulah_M33

तुर्की के इस फ़ैसले के बाद इस्लामी देशों की ऐकता टूट जायेगी, तालिबान ने दी बहुत सख़्त प्रतक्रिया : रिपोर्ट तालिबान ने 20 साल की जंग के बाद अमेरिका और उसके 57 मित्र देशों को शर्मनाक शिकश्त दी है, टूटी हुई जूतियों और फटे हुए कपडे पहनने वाले तालिबान ने बिना किसी की ख़ास मदद […]