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#BREAKING : Israeli-owned ship attacked in the Gulf of Oman

Sarwar @ferozwala Replying to @ferozwala #BREAKING Reports : Israeli ship targeted off #UAE’s #Fujairah coast this morning; was earlier parked at Kuwaiti port of Ahmadi Black small square Reports: #Israel’s ship #Hyperion, carrying cars with number of 9690559, Targeted off UAE #PTVBreaking1 #BreakingNews Sarwar @ferozwala Replying to @ferozwala #BREAKING Informed sources confirm to #AlMayadeen that […]

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BREAKING : Another school shooting; Multiple gunshot victims at Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville : video

  Raleigh for Congress @RaleighBowman BREAKING : Another school shooting; Multiple gunshot victims at Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville. What is it going to take for our society to ensure the safety of its citizens and to pass common-sense gun laws? Los Angeles Times @latimes Breaking: Multiple victims have been reported at a shooting […]

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Asian Americans to hold rally in Troy amid spike in hate crimes in US

Asian Americans will be holding a new rally in Troy, Michigan, a city with an increasing population of residents of Asian descent amid a nationwide uptick in anti-Asian violence. According to Press TV, the rally on Sunday marks the fifth Asian American rally held in metro Detroit since the Atlanta shooting on March 16 which […]

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Armed man attack at A hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii, Vegas style shooting; barricades himself inside room : Report

A hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii was placed on lockdown after an armed man fired shots through the door of a guest room and barricaded himself inside, but there were no reports of any injuries, Hawaii News Now reported here late Saturday. Guests and staff at the Kahala Resort & Hotel were sheltering in place, and […]

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Russia warns of full-scale war in Ukraine’s east amid tensions with Kiev : video

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has warned of a full-scale war in eastern Ukraine amid heightened tensions with Kiev. In a news briefing on Friday, Peskov raised the alarm about the resumption of an all-out conflict in Ukraine’s east and expressed Russia’s determination to prevent Kiev from using force to try to retake the separatist-controlled region […]

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China demands halt to provocative US moves in South China Sea

China has called on the US to stop its provocative moves in the South China Sea region, demanding that Washington respect Beijing’s peaceful dialogue with the Philippines concerning regional issues. This comes after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed concern over the presence of Chinese fishing vessels in the South China Sea territory of […]

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Pentagon faces rising threat from domestic extremism, US Defense Secretary

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered the initiation of new measures among the American forces as the Pentagon faces rising threats posed by domestic extremism in the military. Austin ordered the Department of Defense (DoD) on Friday to address the threat of extremism in the ranks of the military by devising updated screening methods […]

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Lebanon condem “in the strongest terms” Israeli regime’s use of its airspace to carry out a missile attack in Syrian capital

Lebanon says Israel’s use of its airspace to attack Syria clear breach of international law Lebanon has condemned “in the strongest terms” Israeli regime’s use of its airspace to carry out a missile attack near the Syrian capital, Damascus. In a statement issued on Friday, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry expressed its “condemnation, in the strongest […]

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Ukraine and Russia Will Face Each Other : Fears #war could erupt in days : videoz

Foreign Policy @ForeignPolicy Russia’s military buildup near the border of Ukraine continued this week as senior Russian officials and state media dialed up their incendiary rhetoric     Is Russia Preparing to Go to War in Ukraine? Troop buildup near Ukraine’s border is the largest since 2014. By Amy Mackinnon | Russia’s military buildup near […]

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Tensions exploded as Russia warned : Russian atomic mortar moves towards Ukraine border : video

The Sun @TheSun Russia ‘moves atomic mortar that fires nukes to Ukraine border’ as war fears mount Nithin M Nandakumar Nair @Nithin_M_N_N #Russia moves the 2S4 Tyulpan towards #Ukraine, a mortar capable of firing nuclear warheads 12 miles away. Dubbed as the “City Destroyer”, it is the most powerful mortar system, even used during Chechen […]