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US coronavirus deaths reach 14,817 : surpassing Spain’s to become second-highest in world : latest Report

The Spectator Index @spectatorindex ========== US states by most coronavirus deaths. New York: 6,268 New Jersey: 1,504 Michigan: 959 Louisiana: 652 California: 505 Illinois: 462 Massachusetts: 433 Washington: 431 Georgia: 370 Connecticut: 335 Florida: 323 Pennsylvania: 314 Indiana: 203 Texas: 195 Current Mortality Rates: World = 5.8% (rising) US = 3.40% (rising) Spain = 9.98% […]

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United States Coronavirus Latest Updates : videoz

United States Coronavirus Updates @USCoronaUpdates We close tonight with: 401,535 cases 12,931 deaths 22,461 recovered We’ll also start providing updates for the Military and Navajo Nation. Military: 2,449 cases, 7 deaths, 201 recovered Navajo Nation: 426 cases, 17 deaths The most influential graph revised its projections. National peaks is next week. New York peaks Wednesday. […]

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Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs ministry hit out at the UN Human Rights Office for criticising on human rights record

By Bob Karashani Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs ministry has hit out at the United Nations Human Rights Office for criticising the country’s human rights record as it heads to the October general election. According to the ministry’s Permanent Secretary Col Wilbert Ibuge, the statement issued by the Geneva-based UN agency on March 17, was biased, with […]

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US intends to assassinate Iraqi PMU commanders : member of the Iraqi parliament

A member of the Iraqi parliament’s security and defense committee has warned against the ulterior objectives behind redeployment of US troops to various military sites across the Arab country, saying Washington is drawing up plans to target commanders of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), better known by the Arabic name Hashd al-Sha’abi. “The withdrawal of […]

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel says, the coronavirus pandemic is the “biggest test”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the coronavirus pandemic is the “biggest test” that the European Union has faced since its foundation, adding that it is important that the bloc “emerges strong” from the economic crisis caused by the disease. “In my view… the European Union stands before the biggest test since its founding,” Merkel told […]